American Made Matters


“The future ain’t what it used to be.” -Yogi Berra

Americans often feel helpless when it comes to making a difference in our economy, but not everybody understands how a simple gesture can go a long way. It all begins with community. American Made Matters seeks to help disgruntled, discombobulated and disinterested citizens through education and support. For every $1 spent another $1.35 in invested into the economy. American Made matters.

Don Rongione is the President and CEO of Bollman Hat Company (the oldest in America) and also the founder of American Made Matters. Rongione values the idea of the American Dream and especially the importance of a strong manufacturing base. Do you want your job going overseas? Of course not. Rongione has personally felt the devastation of having to lay off hard-working Americans and it was at that moment when he realized that changes needed to be made.

American Made Matters launched on July 4th, 2009 and has become a key organization in the American-made movement . Now you can BE A PART. Do you have a topic that you want to discuss with others? Poll the members of American Made Matters and see what they have to say. Exchange ideas. Learn. Become part of a network that is devoted to make a serious change in America. 

Toastmaster Don Rongione, Bollman Hat Company
Don Rongione

The 250 members of the American Made Matters organization are comprised of various U.S. manufacturers. Their goal is to strengthen our economy but also reach individual community one at a time. Founder Don Rongione, a master of the modern fedora, wants to re-build the concept of American-made. The USA can once again cement its place as a leader of manufacturing.

American Made Matters has various levels of membership that you can take advantage of – Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can promote your American-made products with your membership and help others along the way.  American Made Matters also has a fantastic blog that you can check out on their website along with a strong social media presence. We’re talkin’ the BIG 4: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. An understanding of social media is crucial in 2014 and American Made Matters is on top of it.

Why do we love American Made Matters? Don Rongione has managed to keep the American Dream alive with vision that is reflective of a true leader of American manufacturing.

Please visit American Made Matters online and learn more about Don’s journey. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Written by Quinn Vincent Hough